The very sound of the word Thekkady conjures up images of elephants, unending chains of hills and spice scented plantations. In the Periyar forest of Thekkady is one of the finest wildlife reserves in India and spread across the entire district are picturesque plantations and hill towns that hold great opportunities for treks and mountain walks. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, locating in Thekkady is the perfect example of nature's bounty with great scenic beauty and rich biodiversity.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, locating in Thekkady is the perfect example of nature's bounty with great scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. In this astounding location of Kerala, the Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are considered as the most protected area for the elephants and the tigers.The Periyar Lake formed by the construction of the dam across the Mullaperiyar River in 1895, the lake harbors within itself a unique aquatic ecosystem. A boat cruise on the Lake is perhaps the best way to watch the wildlife in the reserve.


A place for adventure tourism and trekking, or even languorous, tranquil break. This picturesque plantation town washed in the fragrance of cardamom is surrounded by lush green hills.Chellarkovil is famous for its greenish mountains, cascading waterfalls and picturesque beauty. The destination is placed around 1200 m above the sea level. When you reach Chellarkovil, you will feel like this is the place that you were longing to visit for a long time. Chellarkovil is located 15 km north to Thekkady and Kumily.


Another enchanting destination for nature lovers is Pandikuzhi. They are heaven for those travelers, who love more to indulge with nature and want to be one with the greenish environment. Varieties of flora and fauna, the chilling streams are some of the specialties of Pandikuzhi.

Calvary Mount

Calvary Mount, visitors will have an opportunity to experience the panoramic view of mountain ranges and valleys and the beautiful Idukki Reservoir. Here they will be able to enjoy the wildlife of Idukki and can catch a glimpse of wild elephants in the forests.


Spread across the beauty of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Gavi is a quiet, beautiful and pristine forest haven. These evergreen forests are abundant with magnificent Wildlife including the tiger, elephants, leopards, bears, Indian gaur, sambar, barking & Mouse deer, lion-tailed macaque, other varieties of monkeys, Nilgiri Marten and a lot more.


Parunthumpara is a small village, located between Peermade and Thekkady. It is the charming place with huge extent of rock along with the abundant green grass, a hill point blessed with its natural beauty.Ottakathalamedu has situated about 4 km from Thekkady at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, which provides an excellent view that includes Kumily town, the Periyar National Park and even the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu State.


With its sprawling tea estates, rolling hills, waterfalls, picture - postcard hamlets, Kanthalloor has the makings of an idyllic holiday destination. Nestled on the eastern side of the charming Western Ghats, in Idukki district of Kerala State, it is 180 km from Ernakulam, 60 km from Udumalpettai, 14 km from Marayoor and 57 km from Munnar( the major hill station in Kerala). It is on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu placed between Udamalpet and Munnar.

Marayoor Sandalwood Forest

This is located at around 42 km north of Munnar through the Udumalppetta route. Marayoor is famous for the natural sandalwood forest. Not only that, this place is said to be part of the ancient stone age civilization dated back to 10,000 B.C. Stone age paintings, rock edicts and dolmens found there to vouch for this rich heritage.


It is a fenced patch of dense greenery amid hilly terrain which holds the only place in Kerala with the natural growth of sandalwood trees. It is also a famous archaeological site. Marayoor has dolmens and caves with murals and relics. These caves are considered holy as sages are said to be meditated here in the past. Hence, the name, 'Muniyaras'. Marayoor is also famous for its renowned 'Marayur Sharkara'. The drive to Kanthalloor from Marayoor along a narrow winding road past sprawling tea plantations is an enjoyable one.

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